ID&B is based in Cape Town, South Africa and our outlook, experience and portfolio are global. We have worked for companies in the USA, Canada, China, the UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, the Middle East and Africa.

This global approach has been at the heart of the ID&B model since inception, enabling the development of insights into macro-economic environments impacting our clients' businesses and markets. It has also facilitated the development of seamless, scalable methods of managing long distance projects efficiently and on budget.

We work across all sectors and support companies of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprise.

founder & project lead: Julie Scott
Julie brings to each project over two decades of experience in the strategy and design of businesses and brands. Her core areas of focus are innovation; strategy; business modelling; brand development and identity; communications and marketing engagement. 

A key strength is Julie's ability to establish, and to maintain, the equilibrium of a company's strategic position and it's engagement tactics in constantly evolving environments. Julie is known for her strategic thinking, bravely creative ideas and for her structured approach to creating and maintaining business and brand platforms.

Julie works closely with CEOs, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Marketing and Brand Directors seeking significant improvements in their business strategy, brand presence and performance.

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