ID&B is based in Cape Town, South Africa. Since inception in 2007 our outlook, experience and portfolio has been global and we have worked for companies in the USA, Canada, China, the UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, the Middle East and Africa.

One of our core tenets is a responsive and insights-based approach to design and communications. We take a close and in-depth view of the macro and micro environments impacting our clients' business. We walk through the user pathways of their customers and clients to develop empathy and insight for the audience groups of the brands we work on. 

founder and project lead: Julie Scott
Julie brings to each project her two decades of experience in the strategy and design of brands. Her main area of focus is identity, in all of its expressions. This creates authentic, engaging and always-on personality and behaviours of brand as it gives form to the brand strategy, micro-moment by micro-moment. 

Julie is keenly aware of the need for innovation in strategy and business modelling. She is mindful of the impact of agile technology on brand relationships. She works with responsive methodologies rooted in principles of psychology and anthropology, shaped by ever shifting technologies. Always lead by, and underscored by, the evolving needs of the end users, clients and customers.

Julie works closely with CEOs, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Marketing and Brand Directors seeking significant improvements in their strategy, design, brand presence and performance.

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