What we're about

ID&B puts the success of client business at the front and centre of our process, from strategy to concept to creation of brand assets. Without a clearly defined business goal and proposition even the most beautifully conceptualised and executed creative work will serve little purpose in terms of being a strategic asset with value to the company it visually represents.

Our strategic process is based in pragmatism and fact and our creative process is driven by curiosity and meaning. We nurture originality and brave imaginations, explore, investigate and debate the underlying principles and we challenge form, colour, weight, space, counter-space, and more. When the exploratory phase is done and dusted we are non-compromising on our approach on the value we attach to classic training in the skill and craft of all design work we do.

What we've done up till now

With over 20 years’ experience in strategic, creative visual communications, we offer our clients turnkey expertise in graphic design, strategic branding and marketing. Our outlook and experience are global. We have worked for companies in the USA, Canada, China, the UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, the Middle East and Africa.

This global approach has been at the heart of the ID&B model since inception – enabling us to grow a ‘global yet local’ understanding of our clients’ needs. It has also facilitated the development of seamless, scalable methods of managing long distance projects efficiently and on deadline.

We work across all sectors and have experience in fields as diverse as technology, energy and industry through to retail, hospitality, FMCG, liquor and beverages, wellness, healthcare and philanthropic foundations.

Our founder & project lead, Julie Scott

Julie Scott brings two decades of expertise in the fields of graphic design, strategic branding and marketing: her core focus is strategic and creative visual communications. She leads and manages projects to develop new brands and business models – and to reposition and restructure both individual brands and complex brand portfolios.

A key strength is maintaining the power and equilibrium of brands in their constantly-evolving, volatile environments. By keeping the full range of marketing elements aligned to strategy, consistently and organically (and knowing when and how much change and adaptation to allow) she ensures brands continue to resonate with their diverse audiences. As a classically-trained designer, Julie has a keen eye for detail. She finds true pleasure in leading all creative direction, concept development, design execution and rollout of visual communication systems across digital and print platforms.

Julie is known for her purist, principled approach to the discipline of visual communications; and for leaving no stone unturned in her quest for imaginative, innovative, intelligent and practical solutions to creative and business challenges. She works closely with Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers, Brand Directors, Brand Managers, Product Managers, CEOs and entrepreneurs seeking significant improvements in brand presence and performance.
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